Long, Kathleen (1896–1968)

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Long, Kathleen (1896–1968)

English pianist, author of Nineteenth Century Piano Music, who introduced the music of Gabriel Fauré to the British public. Born in Brentford, England, on July 7, 1896; died in Cambridge, England, on March 20, 1968.

Kathleen Long began her studies at the Royal College of Music when she was 13, winning the Hopkinson Gold Medal in 1915. After graduation, she received a faculty appointment at the Royal College. Long played with great distinction both as a solo performer and in chamber-music ensembles. Her performances of the music of Gabriel Fauré were unusual at the time and did much to familiarize the British musical public with the output of this subtle and profound composer. In 1957, she gave the world premiere performance of Gerald Finzi's Eclogue for Piano and String Orchestra. Her book Nineteenth Century Piano Music was well received.


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