Lissiardi, Sibille (fl. 13th c.)

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Lissiardi, Sibille (fl. 13th c.)

Parisian physician. Flourished in the 13th century in Paris; daughter of Lissiardus, a surgeon.

A townswoman of Paris, Sibille Lissiardi was a doctor credited with remarkable healing powers. She was the daughter of Lissiardus, a Parisian surgeon of considerable fame, and probably studied surgery, herbal healing, and other forms of medicine under him. Her medical skills were coupled with an intense devotion to God; the combination made some who witnessed her patients' recoveries believe she had the power to create miracles. One story recorded about Sibille tells of the cure of Geoffrey la Chapelle, a member of the royal household, who had suffered from hemorrhoids throughout his life until Sibille used her surgical skills and prayers to completely heal him.

Laura York , Riverside, California

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