Jeanne II (r. 1346–1355)

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Jeanne II (r. 1346–1355)

Countess of Dreux. Born in Dreux, France; reigned from 1346 to 1355; second daughter of Jean II, count of Dreux (r. 1282–1309); sister of Robert V, count of Dreux (r. 1309–1329); married Louis, vicomte de Thouars; children: Simon de Thouars, count of Dreux (r. 1355–1365).

Jeanne II was the sister of Robert V, count of Dreux. She succeeded her niece Jeanne I in 1346 and reigned until 1355. The fief of Dreux was sold in 1377 to Charles VI, king of France, who then conferred it on the House of Albret.

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Jeanne II (r. 1346–1355)

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