Gudula of Brussels (d. 712?)

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Gudula of Brussels (d. 712?)

Patron saint of Brussels. Flourished in Brussels; died around 712; daughter of Count Witgar and Amalberga of Brussels; greatniece of Pepin I of Landen, king of the Franks; goddaughter and disciple of Gertrude of Nivelles (626–659); never married; no children.

A Frankish noblewoman, Gudula became the patron saint of Brussels. She was the daughter of Count Witgar and Amalberga of Brussels , and was sent to the Belgian convent at Nivelles for her education. She then returned to her father's court. Gudula took a vow of virginity and refused to marry. As part of her religious service, she gave her fortune to the poor and lived an ascetic lifestyle. Her devotion to helping the poor and her deep piety led to a reputation for holiness. She was thought to be able to effect miracles, even of curing lepers, and influenced many others by her self-mortification and humility. Popular worship led to her canonization some years after her death. Her feast day is January 8th.

Laura York , Riverside, California

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