Barriscale, Bessie (1884–1965)

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Barriscale, Bessie (1884–1965)

American actress. Born Elizabeth Barry Scale in Hoboken, New Jersey, on September 30, 1884; died in 1965; married Howard Hickman (a director and actor).

Bessie Barriscale began her career on stage. Jesse Lasky brought her to Hollywood with his Famous Players Company and, once there, she starred in DeMille films as well as those directed by Thomas Ince, typically romantic melodramas, during her prominent years of 1914–1920. She then established her own film company. Her films include Eileen of Erin (1913), Rose of the Rancho (1914), The Cup of Life (1915), The Golden Claw (1915), The Painted Soul (1915), Honor's Altar (1916), The Sorrows of Love (1916), The Payment (1916), Plain Jane (1916), The Hater of Men (1917), Borrowed Plumage (1917), Wooden Shoes (Dutch Shoes, 1917), Madam Who (1918), Blindfolded (1918), Patriotism (1918), The White Lie (1918), Her Purchase Price (1919),

The Notorious Mrs. Sands (1920), Life's Twist (1920), The Broken Gate (1920), The Breaking Point (1921), Show Folks (1928), Secrets (1933), Beloved (1934), and The Man Who Reclaimed His Head (1935).

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