Artôt, Désirée (1835–1907)

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Artôt, Désirée (1835–1907)

Belgian soprano and mezzo-soprano. Name variations: Joséphine Désirée Artôt. Born Marguerite-Joséphine Désirée Montagney in Paris, France, on July 21, 1835; died in Berlin, Germany, on April 3, 1907; daughter of Jean Désire Montagney (1803–1887, a horn player whose professional name was Artôt); married Mariano Padilla y Ramos (a singer), in 1864; children: daughter, Lola Artôt de Padilla (1876–1933), also a well-known singer.

Désirée Artôt appeared throughout continental Europe. She studied with Pauline Viardot in London and did further study in Paris. The composer Giacomo Meyerbeer promoted Artôt, and, in 1858, she appeared as Fidès. Deciding to concentrate on Italian repertory, she toured France and Belgium as Rosina and Leonora in Il trovatore. In 1859, she performed in Italy and at the Victor Theater in Berlin. In 1863, Artôt sang at Her Majesty's Theatre in London, and, a year later, appeared at Covent Garden. After 1866, she no longer appeared in Great Britain. She married Mariano Padilla y Ramos, the Spanish baritone, in 1869, and the couple performed opera together in Germany, Austria, and Russia. Their daughter, Lola Artôt de Padilla, continued the family singing tradition on the German stage.

John Haag , Associate Professor of History, University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia

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