Almeida, Julia Lopes de (1862–1934)

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Almeida, Julia Lopes de (1862–1934)

Brazilian novelist. Name variations: (pseudonyms) A. Jalinto, Filinto de Almeida, Eila Worns. Born Julia Lopes in 1862 in Brazil; died in 1934; married Filinto de Almeida (a Portuguese author); children: three sons.

Selected works:

A viuva Simões (The Widow Simões, 1987); Ansia eterna (Eternal Desire, 1903); A intrusa (The Intruder, 1908); and A família Medeiros (The Medeiros Family, 1919).

Considered one of Brazil's most prolific and important novelists in the period before modernism, Julia Lopes de Almeida came from a family of productive writers. Under her own name and several pseudonyms, she produced more than 40 books, the majority of which are highly romantic and present a woman's view of Brazilian life. Her sister, her three sons, and her husband, Portuguese novelist Filinto de Almeida (whose name was one of her pseudonyms), were also authors. With Filinto, Julia wrote A casa verde (The Green House), which was published in 1896. In addition to her impressive pace of one novel a year, Almeida contributed frequently to a number of newspapers. A família Medeiros (The Medeiros Family, 1919) was her most respected work.

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Almeida, Julia Lopes de (1862–1934)

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