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Wu Wenying (1932–)

Chinese politician. Born 1932 in Nantong, Jiangsu Province, China; children: son Lu.

Worked in textile industry and went on to become deputy secretary of Changzhou Municipal Textile Bureau Party Committee and deputy head of Changzhou Cotton Mill; studied industrial management and was made deputy secretary of Changzhou Municipal Party Committee and head of its Organization Department (1977); was mayor of Changzhou and moved to Beijing (Peking) to become alternate member of Communist Party central committee and then Minister of Textile Industry (1983); became full member of central committee (1985) and led textile delegations to Germany, Belgium, New Zealand, Burma, Britain and Bulgaria (1985, 1986); was placed on probation within the party because she was said to have used her power to help her son profit illegally (2000).

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Wu Wenying (1932–)

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