Marson, Una (1905–1965)

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Marson, Una (1905–1965)

Jamaican poet and playwright. Born 1905 in Jamaica; died 1965; attended Hampton School, Malvern.

Lived in England (1932–36, 1938–45); worked as secretary for League of Coloured People, London, and to Emperor Haile Selassie during his exile; worked for Women's International League for Peace and Freedom and International Alliance of Women; founded Reader's and Writer's Club in Jamaica; worked for BBC World Service and launched "Caribbean Voices" program; worked as journalist, publisher, and social worker in Jamaica; published poetry collections Tropic Reveries (1930), Heights and Depths (1932), The Moth and the Star (1937), and Towards the Stars (1945); plays include At What a Price (1932), London Calling (1937) and Pocamania (1938).

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