Marshall, Sheina (1896–1977)

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Marshall, Sheina (1896–1977)

Scottish marine bioligist. Name variations: Sheina Macalister Marshall; S.M. Marshall. Born April 20, 1896, Rothesay, on island of Bute, off westcoast of Scotland; died April 7, 1977; dau. of a general practitioner who was founder of Buteshire Natural History Society; University of Glasgow, BS, 1919, DSc, 1934.

An expert on the copepod Calanus (a major herring food source), 1st studied planktonic marine crustaceans; as a researcher for Scottish Marine Biological Association (SMBA) Laboratory (1922–77), studied feeding and habits of copepods; investigated conditions and effects of a section of Loch Striven with Andrew Picken Orr; joined C.M. Yonge's Great Barrier Reef expedition (1927); with Orr and A.G. Nicholls, studied Loch Striven's Calanus population and herring development (1934–35); during WWII, researched agar gel production for government; studied Calanus egg production and Calanus nitrogen excretion; researched zooplankton feeding and respiration in La Jolla, CA (1970–71); elected fellow of Royal Society of Edinburgh (1963); appointed SMBA's 1st honorary fellow. Received Order of the British Empire (1966).

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