Marshall, Paula 1964–

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MARSHALL, Paula 1964


Born June 12 (some sources cite May 12), 1964, in Rockville, MD; married Thomas Lee Ardavany, October 14, 1989 (divorced, 1998). Education: Attended a community college in Maryland. Avocational Interests: Photography.

Addresses: Agent Nevin Dolcefino, Innovative Artists, 1505 10th St., Santa Monica, CA 90401. Publicist Karynne Tencer, Tencer and Associates Public Relations, 9777 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 504, Beverly Hills, CA 90212.

Career: Actress. National Institutes of Health, worked as a typist; worked as a photographer for several years.


Television Appearances; Series:

Shelly Thomas, Wild Oats, Fox, 19941995.

Lindsay Sutton, Chicago Sons, NBC, 1997.

Laurie Parres, a recurring role, Spin City, ABC, 19971998.

Dr. Claire Allen, Cupid, ABC, 19981999.

Dana Plant, Snoops, Fox, 1999.

Katie, a recurring role, Cursed (also known as The Weber Show ), NBC, 20002001.

Janine Barber, Hidden Hills, NBC, beginning 2002.

Television Appearances; Movies:

Jill Houston, Nurses on the Line: The Crash of Flight 7, CBS, 1993.

Liza Block, Full Eclipse, HBO, 1993.

Margo Rentell and Debra Walters, A Perry Mason Mystery: The Case of the Wicked Wives (also known as Case of the Wicked Wives ), NBC, 1993.

Dr. Abby O'Reardon, W.E.I.R.D. World, Fox, 1995.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

"Adamant Eve," Mancuso, FBI, 1990.

"Hickory, Dickory, Dock," True Blue, NBC, 1990.

Cave person, Dinosaurs, ABC, 1991.

Christina Riley, "Werewolf," Superboy (also known as The Adventures of Superboy ), 1991.

Jill Gordon, "Love Letters," Life Goes On, ABC, 1992.

Jill Gordon, "Windows," Life Goes On, ABC, 1992.

Jill Gordon, "Babes in the Woods," Life Goes On, ABC, 1992.

Fran, "The Fran and Joey Story," Grapevine, CBS, 1992.

Bonnie Douglas, "Wayne and Bonnie," The Wonder Years, ABC, 1992.

Bonnie Douglas, "Let Nothing You Dismay," The Wonder Years, ABC, 1992.

Bonnie Douglas, "New Years," The Wonder Years, ABC, 1993.

Sharon Leonard, "The Outing," Seinfeld, NBC, 1993.

Cindy Marsh, "Flashdance with Death," Diagnosis Murder, CBS, 1993.

Eve Adamson, "Night Train," Nash Bridges, CBS, 1996.

Eve Adamson, "Home Invasion," Nash Bridges, CBS, 1996.

Isabella, "Grandfather Clause," The Single Guy, NBC, 1997.

Jenny, "Celebrities," Sports Night, ABC, 2000.

Jenny, "The Local Weather," Sports Night, ABC, 2000.

Jenny, "Draft Day: Part 2The Fall of Ryan O'Brian," Sports Night, ABC, 2000.

Chloe, "Nina Van Mom," Just Shoot Me!, NBC, 2002.

Chloe, "Nina Van Grandma," Just Shoot Me!, NBC, 2002.

Guest, "Double Duty Rooms," It's Christopher Lowell, 2002.

Guest, The View, 2002.

Television Appearances; Pilots:

Iris West, The Flash, CBS, 1990.

Joanna, Putting It Together, CBS, 1995.

Emma, Alligator Point, NBC, 2003.

Film Appearances:

Terri, Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth, Dimension Films/Paramount, 1992.

Samantha Ellison, Warlock: The Armageddon (also known as Warlock II ), Trimark Pictures, 1993.

Alison Gale, The New Age, Wechsler Productions, 1994.

Karen, A Family Thing, MetroGoldwynMayer/United Artists, 1996.

Molly De Mora, That Old Feeling, Universal, 1997.

Christine Wells, Thursday, Gramercy, 1998.

Deborah and the girl in the photograph, A Gun, a Car, a Blonde, Showcase Entertainment, 1998.

Alice on cell phone, Break a Leg, Catchlight Films, 2003.

Tina Shenk, Cheaper by the Dozen, Twentieth CenturyFox, 2003.



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