Mann, Elisabeth (1918–2002)

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Mann, Elisabeth (1918–2002)

German-born writer and environmentalist. Name variations: Elisabeth Mann Borgese. Born April 24, 1918, in Munich, Germany; died Feb 8, 2002, while on vacation in St. Moritz, Switzerland; lived in Halifax, Nova Scotia; became US citizen (1941), then took Canadian citizenship (1983); dau. of Thomas Mann (1875–1955, novelist) and Katia or Katja (Pringsheim) Mann; sister of Erika Mann (1905–1969, writer), Monika Mann, Angelus Gottfried (known as Golo) Mann, Klaus Mann, and Michael Mann; received diploma from Conservatory of Music in Zurich, 1938; m. Giuseppe A. Borgese (professor), 1939 (died 1952); children: Angelica Borgese and Domenica Borgese.

Political scientist and writer of fiction and oceanic yearbooks, founded the International Oceans Institute based in Malta; an expert on maritime law, helped organize the international Peace in the Oceans Conference (1970), which would result in the UN Law of the Seas treaty (1982); joined faculty at Dalhousie University in Halifax (1979), 1st as a political science professor, then as an adjunct law professor.

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