Frost, Winifred (1902–1979)

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Frost, Winifred (1902–1979)

Irish freshwater biologist. Name variations: Winifred Evelyn Frost. Born Mar 2, 1902, in Ireland; died Aug 1979.

Studied shrimps (euphausids) with Professor James Johnstone at Liverpool University and was awarded a DSc (1945); as assistant inspector of fisheries in Dublin (began 1938), studied trout in the River Liffey; worked as a Freshwater Biological Association (FBA) research scientist in Windermere (1938–79); served as member of Council of the Salmon and Trout Association; elected chair, and later president, of Windermere and District Angling Association; left most of estate to FBA; studied eels in central Africa; contributed to knowledge and history of fish, especially in the Lake District. Writings include (with Margaret E. Brown) The Trout (1967).

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