Cunigunde Sobieska (fl. 1690s)

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Cunigunde Sobieska (fl. 1690s)

Electress of Bavaria. Name variations: Teresa Sobieski; Theresa Sobieska. Fl. 1690s; dau. of Marie Casimir (1641–1716) and Jan III also known as John III Sobieski (1624–1696), king of Poland (r. 1674–1696); m. Maximilian II Emmanuel (1662–1726), elector of Bavaria (r. 1679–1726); children: Charles Albert, elector of Bavaria (r. 1726–1745), later known as Charles VII (1697–1745), Holy Roman emperor (r. 1742–1745).

Maximilian's 1st wife was Maria Antonia (1669–1692).

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