Cunialati, Fulgenzio

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Theologian, writer [pseudonym Mariano (degli) Amatori]; b. Venice, Feb. 22, 1685; d. there, Oct. 9, 1759. He entered the Order of Preachers at Conegliano in 1700 and later taught philosophy and theology there. In the probabilist dispute, he favored probabiliorism. His principal work, Universae theologiae moralis accurate complexio, 2 v. (Venice 1752), gives moral solutions according to the principles of St. Thomas. He also wrote other ascetical and historical works.

Bibliography: j. f. b. de rubeis, De rebus congregationis B. Jacobi Salomonii (Venice 1751) 463, 479480. r. coulon, Dictionnaire de théologie catholique, ed. a. vacant et al., 15 v. (Paris 190350; Tables générales 1951) 3.2: 242728.

[j. f. quigley]