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Cunningham, Donna

Donna Cunningham, a contemporary psychologist and astrologer, grew up in Iowa and attended Grennel College, from which she earned a psychology degree in 1964. She went on to study at Columbia University, where she was awarded her master's in social work. Following graduation she began her counseling career and soon brought her astrological knowledge into her practice. Over the next two decades she became a leader in integrating astrological and psychological insights.

Cunningham began to make her impact nationally with her early text, An Astrological Guide to Self-Awareness, which appeared in 1979. She has subsequently authored ten additional books. These reflect not only her astrological interest but her belief in additional healing tools such as psychic healing and the use of flower essences (healing remedies first extracted from wild flowers by British physician Edward Bach in the 1930s). She edited Shooting Star, a flower essences journal, for several years (1989-91), and her book on flower essences appeared in 1992. She advises her colleagues to employ a broad range of techniques in their work and to adapt them for different astrological types.

Cunningham has been widely acknowledged by her colleagues for her work as an astrological counselor and has written a guidebook to assist new counselors in developing their practice. In 1986 she received the annual award from Professional Astrologers Incorporated for her contributions to the field. Cunningham resides in Port Townsend, Washington, and has become one of the more prolific American writers on astrology. She has written numerous articles for astrological periodicals such as The Mountain Astrologer authors and monthly column for Horoscope magazine.


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