Cernínová z Harasova, Zuzana (1601–1654)

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Černínová z Harasova, Zuzana (1601–1654)

Czech letter writer. Name variations: Zuzana Černinova z Harasova; Zuzana Cerninova z Harasova. Born 1601 in Bohemia; died 1654; m. Jan Černín z Chudenic (noble); children: daughters Eliska and Eva Polyxena married army officers; sons Humprecht and Herman Cernin z Chudenic played significant roles in Bohemia in the counterreformation.

Letters, published frequently since 1869, describe experiences during Thirty Years War (1618–48) and give details about life of a noblewoman managing estates, enduring taxation, dealing with plundering soldiers.