Boxer, Barbara (1940–)

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Boxer, Barbara (1940–)

American politician. Born Barbara Levy, Nov 11, 1940, in Brooklyn, NY; Brooklyn College, BA in economics, 1962; m. Stewart Boxer; children: Doug Nicole Boxer (who m. Tony Rodham).

Worked as a stockbroker on Wall Street (1962–65), as a journalist and associate editor, Pacific Sun Newspaper (1972–74) and as a congressional aide (1974–76); served for 6 years on the Marin County (CA) board of supervisors (1977–83) and was the 1st woman president of the board; as a Democrat representing California, was elected to US House of Representatives (1983), serving for 10 years; elected to US Senate (1992), won reelection (1998, 2004); focuses on families, children, consumers, human rights, military procurement reform, the environment, and a woman's right to choose; introduced the 401(k) Pension Protection Act (1996) and led the Senate effort to end the suffering of Afghan women under the Taliban; served on the Senate Environment and Public Worlds Committee, on the Commerce Committee, and on the Foreign Relations Committee.

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