Box, Pelham Horton (1898–1937)

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Box, Pelham Horton (1898–1937)

Pelham Horton Box (b. 29 March 1898; d. 23 May 1937), British historian who applied modern research methods to the study of Paraguay in the 1930s. The University of Illinois awarded him the Ph.D. in 1927 and in 1930 published his dissertation, Origins of the Paraguayan War, which was translated into Spanish in 1936. This revisionist work viewed José Gaspar Rodríguez de Francia (1766–1840) as a revolutionary dictator who ruled with the consent of the peasantry and blamed the War of the Triple Allliance on Francisco Solano López. Now dated, the book remains a starting point for researchers. Box taught for several years at Birkbeck College and two years at King's College, London.

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