Boy Culture

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Boy Culture ★★ 2006

Money, desire, and emotional denial. X (Magyar) is a cynical hustler with a high-end and limited clientele of older men. His newest client, the urbane Gregory (Bachau), confuses X by paying for his company but refusing his sexual favors unless X is also emotionally involved. X can't even admit his attraction to his roommate Andrew (Stevens), who's unsure of his own sexuality, while their other roomie, twink Joey (Trent), openly lusts after X. Based on the novel by Matthew Rettenmund. 90m/C DVD . Derek Magyar, Patrick Bauchau, Darryl Stephens, John Trent; D: Q. Allan Brocka; W: Q. Allan Brocka; C: Jerusha Hess; M: Ryan Beveridge.