Ahmose-Nefertari (c. 1570–1535 BCE)

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Ahmose-Nefertari (c. 1570–1535 bce)

Queen of Egypt. Name variations: Ahmose-Nofretari; Ahmes-Nefertary. Ruled with her mother Ahhotep around 1570 to 1546 bce; dau. of Ahhotep; m. her brother Ahmose I; children: Ahmose (the mother of Hatshepsut), and Amenhotep I.

Queen of Egypt at the start of the New Kingdom (her husband being the 1st king of the illustrious 18th Dynasty), who, upon widowhood, ruled the land as regent for her under-aged son; bore the title Female Chieftain of Upper and Lower Egypt; is credited with restoring temples and official cults throughout the land after decades of neglect by the Hyksos dynasty; also founded a college of Divine Votaresses at the Karnak temple where she was herself a high priestess, holding the title of God's Wife of Amun; when she died, was placed in a coffin 12 feet long and fitted with a lofty plumed crown; was deified after death, and her cult was popular among the common people, particularly in Upper Egypt, for at least 4 centuries.

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