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frap·pé1 / fraˈpā/ • adj. (of a drink) iced or chilled: a crème de menthe frappé. • n. a drink served with ice or frozen to a slushy consistency. ∎  (usu. frappe / frap/ ) (chiefly in New England) a milk shake, esp. one made with ice cream. frap·pé2 • adj. Ballet (of a position) involving a beating action of the toe of one foot against the ankle of the supporting leg: a battement frappé.

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1. Iced, frozen, or chilled.

2. Egg‐white and sugar syrup whipped until so aerated that the density reaches 100 g in 200 mL (5 lb per gallon).

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frappé •frappé • jaspé •épée, Pepe •Príncipe •coupé, Nupe, toupée •agape • canapé