Fraser, Anthea

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FRASER, Anthea

FRASER, Anthea. Also writes as Lorna Cameron, Vanessa Graham. British. Genres: Novels, Mystery/Crime/Suspense. Career: Crime Writers' Association, secretary, 1986-96. Publications: NOVELS: Designs of Annabelle, 1971; In the Balance, 1973; (as Vanessa Graham) Time of Trial, 1979; (as Lorna Cameron) Summer in France, 1981; (as Vanessa Graham) Second Time Around, 1982; (as Vanessa Graham) The Stand-In, 1984. MYSTERY/CRIME: Laura Possessed, 1974; Home through the Dark, 1974; Whistler's Lane, 1975; Breath of Brimstone, 1977; Presence of Mind, 1978; Island in Waiting, 1979; A Shroud for Delilah, 1984; A Necessary End, 1985; Pretty Maids All in a Row, 1986; Death Speaks Softly, 1987; The Nine Bright Shiners, 1987; Six Proud Walkers, 1988; The April Rainers, 1989; Symbols at Your Door, 1990; The Lily-White Boys, 1991; Three, Three, The Rivals, 1992; The Gospel Makers, 1994; The Seven Stars, 1995; The Macbeth Prophecy, 1995; I'll Sing You Two-O (The Lily-White Boys), 1996; One Is One and All Alone, 1996; Motive for Murder, 1996; The Ten Commandments, 1997; Dangerous Deception, 1998; Eleven That Went Up to Heaven, 1999; The Twelve Apostles, 1999; Past Shadows, 2001; Fathers and Daughters, 2002; Brought to Book, 2003; Jigsaw, 2004. Address: c/o Juliet Burton Literary Agency, 2 Clifton Ave, London W12 9DR, England.