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Elisa ★★ 1994

Teenaged sexpot Marie (Paradis) has grown up in a reform school, thanks to her mother Elisa's suicide. Along with friends Solange (Courau) and Ahmed (Sall), Marie spends her time on the Paris streets shoplifting and flirting. Obsessed with finding her long-gone father, Marie discovers that Lebovitch (Depardieu), the writer of the popular song “Elisa,” is daddy dearest. He's now a drunk, living on a fishing island, and Marie sets out to right the wrongs she believes drove her mother to suicide. Based on the song by Serge Gainsbourg. French with subtitles. 111m/C VHS . FR Vanessa Paradis, Gerard Depardieu, Clotilde Courau, Sekkou Sall, Florence Thomassin; D: Jean Becker; W: Jean Becker, Fabrice Carazo; C: Etienne Becker; M: Zbigniew Preisner. Cesar '95: Support. Actress (Courau), Score.


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ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay) A sensitive technique (see immunoassay) for accurately determining the amount of protein or other antigen in a given sample by means of an enzyme-catalysed colour change. Antibody specific to the test protein is adsorbed onto a solid substrate, such as a PVC sheet, and a measured amount of the sample is added; all molecules of the test protein in the sample are bound by the antibody. A second antibody specific for a second site on the test protein is added; this is conjugated with an enzyme, which catalyses a colour change in the fourth reagent, added finally to the sheet. The colour change can be measured photometrically and compared against a standard curve to give the concentration of protein in the sample. ELISA is widely used for diagnostic and other purposes.


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ELISA Enzyme‐linked immunosorbent assay; extremely sensitive and specific analytical technique using antibodies linked to an enzyme system to amplify sensitivity.


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ELISA (ɪˈlaɪzə) Med. enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay

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