Women in the Early to Mid-20th Century (1900-1960): Representative Works

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Jane Addams

Democracy and Social Ethics (nonfiction) 1902

Twenty Years at Hull House, with Autobiographical Notes (essays) 1910

The Long Road of Woman's Memory (nonfiction) 1916

Peace and Bread in Time of War (nonfiction) 1922

Margaret Bourke-White

* Fort Peck Dam (photograph) 1936

You Have Seen Their Faces (photographs) 1937

Imogen Cunningham

The Dream (photograph) 1910

Magnolia Blossom (photograph) 1925

Isadora Duncan

Der Tanz der Zukunft [The Dance] (nonfiction) 1903

The Art of the Dance (nonfiction) 1928

My Life (autobiography) 1928

Crystal Eastman

Crystal Eastman on Women and Revolution [edited by Blanche Wiesen Cook] (essays) 1978

Charlotte Perkins Gilman

"The Yellow Wallpaper" (novella) 1892

Women and Economics (nonfiction) 1898

Concerning Children (nonfiction) 1900

The Home: Its Work and Influence (nonfiction) 1903

Human Work (nonfiction) 1904

The Man-Made World; or, Our Androcentric Culture (nonfiction) 1911

Emma Goldman

Anarchism and Other Essays (essays) 1910

Living My Life (autobiography) 1931

Red Emma Speaks [compiled and edited by Alix Kates Shulman] (essays) 1972

Frida Kahlo

Self Portrait (painting) 1926

Fruits of the Earth (painting) 1938

Dorothea Lange

Cotton Picker (photograph) 1930

White Angel Bread Line (photograph) 1932

Claire Leighton

Lapful of Windfalls (woodcut) 1932

Margaret Mead

Coming of Age in Samoa (nonfiction) 1928

Georgia O'Keeffe

Tent Door at Night (painting) 1913

Oriental Poppies (painting) 1928

Cow's Skull: Red, White, and Blue (painting) 1931

Eleanor Roosevelt

This Is My Story (autobiography) 1937

The American Mothers' Declaration (nonfiction) 1939

Ladies of Courage [with Lorena A. Hickok] (essays) 1954

On My Own (autobiography) 1958

Margaret Sanger

Woman Rebel (periodical) 1914

What Every Mother Should Know; or, How Six Little Children Were Taught the Truth (nonfiction) 1916

Woman and the New Race (nonfiction) 1920

Motherhood in Bondage (nonfiction) 1928

My Fight for Birth Control (nonfiction) 1931

Olive Schreiner

The Story of An African Farm [as Ralph Iron] (novel) 1883

Woman and Labour (nonfiction) 1911

Gertrude Stein

Useful Knowledge (nonfiction) 1928

The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas (memoir) 1933

Lectures in America (lectures) 1935

Marie Stopes

Married Love (nonfiction) 1918

Wise Parenthood (nonfiction) 1918

Rebecca West

The Return of the Soldier (novel) 1918

Harriet Hume (novel) 1929

Black Lamb and Grey Falcon. 2 vols. (nonfiction) 1942

Edith Wharton

The House of Mirth (novel) 1905

The Fruit of the Tree (novel) 1907

The Age of Innocence (novel) 1920

* This photograph was used on the first cover of Life, 23 November 1936.

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Women in the Early to Mid-20th Century (1900-1960): Representative Works

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Women in the Early to Mid-20th Century (1900-1960): Representative Works