Tan, Amy: Further Reading

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A bio-critical essay, with bibliography, concerned with The Joy Luck Club.

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Offers a feminist approach to assessing Tan's depiction of mother-daughter relationships.

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Examines domestic rituals as they appear in novels by major contemporary women writers, including Tan.

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Asserts that "despite Tan's explicit embrace of a daughter's perspective, The Joy Luck Club is remarkable for foregrounding the voices of mothers as well as of daughters."

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Traces the importance of multiple languages in The Joy Luck Club and Maxine Hong Kingston's The Woman Warrior.

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Collection of essays covering numerous aspects of Tan's work.

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Examines ethnicity in The Joy Luck Club.

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Uses dynamic reader models to illustrate how readers are challenged to find the interconnections in The Joy Luck Club.

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Interview in which Tan discusses the impact of her mother on her work; the role of women in Chinese society; and how differences between Chinese and American behavior have influenced her writing.


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