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433. Massacre (See also Genocide.)

  1. Acre after conquering city, Richard I executed 2700 Muslims (1191). [Eur. Hist.: Bishop, 8384]
  2. Armenian Massacre Turks decimated Armenian population, dispersed survivors (1896). [Eur. Hist.: EB, I: 525]
  3. Bloody Sunday seeking audience with Czar, workers receive bullets instead (1905). [Russ. Hist.: EB, II: 93]
  4. Boston Massacre skirmish between British troops and Boston crowd (1770). [Am. Hist.: EB, II: 180]
  5. Charge of the Light Brigade Russians massacre English cavalry at Balaklava (1854). [Eur. Hist.: NCE, 212; Br. Lit.: Benét, 186]
  6. Fetterman Massacre party of 80 frontiersmen ambushed by Indians (1886). [Am. Hist.: NCE, 942]
  7. Goliad 300 slain by Santa Ana in wake of Alamo (1836). [Am. Hist.: Van Doren, 155]
  8. Guernica bombing of Guernica (1937); memorialized by Picassos painting. [Span. Hist.: NCE, 1158; Art Hist.: Osborne, 867]
  9. Holy Innocents infant boys massacred in Bethlehem under Herod. [O.T.: Matthew 2:1618]
  10. jawbone of ass with this, Samson kills 1000 men. [O.T.: Judges 15:15]
  11. Katyn Massacre mass murder of 4250 Polish officers during WWII (c. 1939). [Polish Hist.: NCE, 1457]
  12. Lawrence, Kansas Union stronghold where Quantrills Confederate band killed more than 150 people (1863). [Am. Hist.: EB, VIII: 338]
  13. Massacre of Glencoe treated hospitably, kings men attempt annihilation of MacDonald clan (1692). [Br. Hist.: Brewer Note-Book, 567]
  14. Munich Olympics 72 Arab terrorists brutally killed 11 Israeli athletes. [Jew. Hist.: Wigoder, 462]
  15. My Lai Massacre murder of 22 Vietnamese villagers by American troops under Lt. William Calley, Jr. (1968). [Am. Hist.: Facts (1973) 145]
  16. ox-goad using this weapon, Shamgar slew 600 Philistines. [O.T.: Judges 3:31]
  17. Sicilian Vespers massacre of French (Angevins) by Sicilian nationals (1282). [Ital. Hist.: NCE, 2511]
  18. St. Bartholomews Day Massacre thousands of French Huguenots murdered for their faith (1572). [Fr. Hist.: EB, VII: 775]
  19. St. Valentines Day Massacre murder of seven members of a gang of bootleggers in Chicago (1929). [Am. Hist.: EB, VII : 797]
  20. third of May (1808) Murats squads executed hundreds of Spanish citizens; memorialized in Goyas painting. [Sp. Hist. and Sp. Art: Daniel, 220]
  21. Whitman Massacre murder of missionary Marcus Whitman and family by Cayuse Indians (1847). [Am. Hist.: NCE, 2972]
  22. Wounded Knee scene of the slaughter of 200 Sioux Indians (1890). [Am. Hist.: Van Doren, 306]
  23. Wyoming Massacre colonial militia butchered by Tory-Indian force (1776). [Am. Hist.: Jameson, 564]
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massacrebazooka, euchre, farruca, lucre, palooka, pooka, rebuker, snooker, Stuka, verruca •babushka •booker, cooker, hookah, hooker, looker, Sukkur •Junker • onlooker • yarmulke •Hanukkah • manuka •chukka (US chukker), ducker, felucca, fucker, mucker, plucker, pucker, pukka, shucker, succour (US succor), sucker, trucker, tucker, yucca •skulker, sulker •bunker, hunker, lunker, punkah, spelunker •busker, tusker •latke • motherfucker • bloodsucker •seersucker • abaca • stomacher •Linacre, spinnaker •massacre •Jataka, Karnataka •Tripitaka • Ithaca •burka, circa, Gurkha, jerker, lurker, mazurka, shirker, smirker, worker •tearjerker • craftworker •metalworker • networker •caseworker • fieldworker •teleworker • shopworker • outworker •homeworker • stoneworker •woodworker

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mas·sa·cre / ˈmasikər/ • n. an indiscriminate and brutal slaughter of people: the attack was described as a cold-blooded massacre | she says he is an accomplice to massacre. ∎ inf. a heavy defeat of a sports team or contestant. • v. [tr.] deliberately and violently kill (a large number of people). ∎  inf. inflict a heavy defeat on (a sports team or contestant).

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massacre Massacre of the Innocents the killing by order of Herod the Great, after the birth of Jesus, of all boy children under two years old (the Innocents) in Bethlehem. In the 19th-century British parliament, the phrase was also used informally for measures which had to be ‘sacrificed’ at the end of a session for want of time.

See also Massacre of St Bartholomew, Massacre of Glencoe, Peterloo massacre.

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Massacre ★½ 1934

That would be what the cavalry frequently did to the Indians. Joe Thunder Horse (miscast Barthelmess) is a Sioux who has been appearing in a Wild West show. He learns his father is dying and returns to the reservation, only to see how his people have been mistreated by the corrupt agents of the Bureau of Indian Affairs. So he goes to Washington to protest. 70m/B VHS . Richard Barthelmess, Ann Dvorak, Dudley Digges, Sidney Toler, Claire Dodd, Henry O'Neill, Robert Barrat, Arthur Hohl; D: Alan Crosland; W: Ralph Block, Sheridan Gibney; C: George Barnes.

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massacre indiscriminate killing. XVI. — (O)F., of unkn. orig.
So vb. XVI.