Massachusetts State Automobile Dealers Association

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Massachusetts State Automobile Dealers Association

59 Temple Pl., Ste. 505
Boston, MA 02111
Ph: (617)451-1051
Fax: (617)451-9309
E-mail: [email protected]

Automotive Technician Scholarship Program (Undergraduate/Scholarship)

Purpose: To enrich the lives of auto tech students through scholarships. Focus: Automotive technology. Qualif.: Applicants must be retraining for a career change or a recent high school graduate. Applicants must be enrolled in an automotive program at an accredited college. Criteria: Recipients are selected based on academic standing and financial need.

Funds Avail.: $6,000. Number Awarded: 17. To Apply: Applicants must submit a curriculum vitae; the complete application form; a three-page applicant's appraisal; and complete transcript of record. Contact: 617-451-9309.

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