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gov·er·nor / ˈgəvə(r)nər/ • n. 1. the elected executive head of a state of the U.S. ∎  an official appointed to govern a town or region. ∎  the representative of the British Crown in a colony or in a Commonwealth state that regards the monarch as head of state.2. Brit. the head of a public institution: the governor of the Bank of England. ∎  a member of a governing body.3. Brit., inf. the person in authority; one's employer.4. a device automatically regulating the supply of fuel, steam, or water to a machine, ensuring uniform motion or limiting speed.DERIVATIVES: gov·er·nor·ship / ship/ n.

lieutenant governor

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lieu·ten·ant gov·er·nor • n. the executive officer of a state who is next in rank to a governor and who takes the governor's place in case of disability or death. ∎  the executive officer of a Canadian province, appointed by the governor general.DERIVATIVES: lieu·ten·ant gov·er·nor·ship n.

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