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taunt / tônt/ • n. a remark made in order to anger, wound, or provoke someone. • v. [tr.] provoke or challenge (someone) with insulting remarks: students began taunting her about her weight. ∎  reproach (someone) with something in a contemptuous way: she had taunted him with going to another man. DERIVATIVES: taunt·er n. taunt·ing·ly adv.

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tauntacquaint, ain't, attaint, complaint, constraint, distraint, faint, feint, paint, plaint, quaint, restraint, saint, taint •spray-paint • greasepaint • warpaint •asquint, bint, clint, dint, flint, glint, hint, imprint, lint, mint, misprint, print, quint, skint, splint, sprint, squint, stint, tint •Septuagint • skinflint • catmint •varmint • spearmint • calamint •peppermint • enprint • screen print •offprint • blueprint • newsprint •footprint • thumbprint • fingerprint •monotint • mezzotint • aquatint •pint • Geraint •Comte, conte, font, fount, pont, quant, Vermont, want •Delfont • vicomte • Frémont •piedmont • Beaumont • Hellespont •passant • poste restante •avaunt, daunt, flaunt, gaunt, haunt, jaunt, taunt, vaunt

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taunt †in phr. taunt pour (or for) taunt tit for tat in reply; †smart rejoinder, witty jibe; scornful reproach or challenge XVI. orig. — F. phr. tant pour tant ‘so much for so much’, like for like (L. tantum, n. of tantus so great).
Hence taunt vb. †answer back; reproach scornfully. XVI.