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touch·down / ˈtəchˌdoun/ • n. 1. the moment at which an aircraft's wheels or part of a spacecraft make contact with the ground during landing: two hours until touchdown. 2. Football a six-point score made by carrying or passing the ball into the end zone of the opposing side, or by recovering it there following a fumble or blocked kick. ∎  Rugby an act of touching the ground with the ball behind the opponents' goal line, scoring a try.

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Touchdown ★★½ 1931

College football coach Dan Curtis (Arlen) is a winatallcosts kind of guy, that is until one of players is seriously injured after Curtis pushes him too hard. Things come to a head when the team is set to play their archrival, and Curtis has to decide which is more important—his team or the win? m/B VHS . Richard Arlen, Peggy Shannon, Jack Oakie, Regis Toomey, George Barbier, J. Farrell MacDonald, George Irving; D: Norman Z. McLeod; W: Grover Jones, William Slavens McNutt.