Touching Evil

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Touching Evil ★★★ 1997

London police detective Dave Creegan (Green) and his fellow cops at the (fictional) Organized and Serial Crime Unit investigate three creepy cases in this threetape series. The first concerns the kidnapping of three small boys; the second involves patients being drugged and killed while in hospital; and the third involves corpses, university students, and the Internet. The detectives are a fine, flawed unit and make for some interesting company. Followed by two sequels. 360m/C VHS . GB Robson Green, Ian McDiarmid, Nicola Walker, Michael Feast, Adam Kotz, Kenneth MacDonald, Antony Byrne, Shaun Dingwall; D: Julian Jarrold, Marc Munden; W: Paul Abbott, Russell T. Davies; C: David Odd; M: Adrian Johnston. TV