Touched 2005

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Touched ★★ 2005 (R)

A terrible car accident claims the life of Scott Davis' (Batinkoff) young son and leaves Scott in a coma for two years. He awakens in a longterm care facility under the supervision of nurse Angela Martin (Elfman). Scott's wealthy parents (Venora, Davidson) decide to bring him home but since it appears that Scott has lost his sense of touch and is suffering hallucinations, they hire Angela as a livein nurse. Scott and Angela fall in love. It's not quite as sappy as it sounds and it's refreshing to see the sunny Elfman try her talents in a drama. 90m/C DVD . Jenna Elfman, Randall Batinkoff, Samantha Mathis, Diane Venora, Frederick Koehler, Mina (Badiyi) Badie, Bruce Davidson; D: Timothy Scott Bogart; W: Timothy Scott Bogart; C: Irv Goodnoff. VIDEO