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tick·et / ˈtikit/ • n. 1. a piece of paper or small card that gives the holder a certain right, esp. to enter a place, travel by public transport, or participate in an event: admission is by ticket only. ∎  (ticket to/out of) a method of getting into or out of (a specified state or situation): drugs are seen as the only ticket out of poverty companies that appeared to have a one-way ticket to profitability. 2. a certificate or warrant, in particular: ∎  an official notice of a traffic offense. ∎  a certificate of qualification as a ship's master, pilot, or other crew member. 3. a label attached to a retail product, giving its price, size, and other details. 4. [in sing.] a list of candidates put forward by a party in an election: his presence on the Republican ticket. ∎  a set of principles or policies supported by a party in an election: he stood for office on a strong right-wing, no-nonsense ticket. 5. (the ticket) inf., dated the desirable or correct thing: a wet spring would be just the ticket for the garden. • v. (-et·ed , -et·ing ) [tr.] 1. issue (someone) with an official notice of a traffic or other offense: park illegally and you are likely to be ticketed. 2. (be ticketed) (of a passenger) be issued with a travel ticket: passengers can now get electronically ticketed. ∎  be destined or heading for a specified state or position: they were sure that Downing was ticketed for greatness. 3. (be ticketed) (of a retail product) be marked with a label giving its price, size, and other details. PHRASES: punch one's ticket inf. deliberately undertake particular assignments that are likely to lead to promotion at work. write one's (own) ticket inf. dictate one's own terms.

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ticket •adit •bandit, pandit •accredit, credit, edit, subedit •Chindit • conduit •audit, plaudit •pundit • refit • misfit • benefit •profit, prophet, soffit •forfeit • outfit • Tophet • photofit •buffet, tuffet •comfit • counterfeit • surfeit • agate •margate, target •frigate • Tlingit • hogget •drugget, nugget •Brigitte • gadget • eejit •Bridget, digit, fidget, midget, widget •budget •Blackett, bracket, jacket, packet, placket, racket •blanket • gasket • bedjacket •straitjacket • lifejacket • leatherjacket •downmarket, market, upmarket •basket, casket •breadbasket • Euromarket •Newmarket • hypermarket •Becket, Beckett •cricket, midwicket, picket, picquet, piquet, pricket, snicket, thicket, ticket, wicket •trinket •biscuit, brisket, frisket •identikit •brocket, crocket, Crockett, docket, locket, pocket, rocket, socket, sprocket •airpocket • pickpocket • skyrocket •toolkit •bucket, Nantucket, tucket •Blunkett, junket •musket • rust bucket •circuit, short-circuit

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ticket (short) written notice, label; †voucher, warrant, promise to pay XVI; slip bearing evidence of the holder's title to something XVII; (U.S.) list of candidates for election XVIII; the t., the correct thing XIX. Aphetic — F. †étiquet, OF. estiquet(te), f. estiquier, estequier fix, stick, var. of estichier, estechier — MDu. steken; see -ET.
Hence vb. XVII.