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starboard •multi-layered •beard, weird •greybeard (US graybeard) •bluebeard • Iliad • Olympiad • myriad •period •hamadryad, jeremiad, semi-retired, underwired, undesired, unexpired, uninspired •coward, Howard, underpowered, unpowered •froward •leeward, steward •gourd, Lourdes, self-assured, uncured, uninsured, unobscured, unsecured •scabbard, tabard •halberd • starboard •unremembered • tribade • cupboard •unencumbered, unnumbered •good-natured, ill-natured •Richard • pilchard • pochard • orchard •unstructured • uncultured •standard, sub-standard •unconsidered • unhindered •unordered • Stafford • Bradford •Sandford, Sanford, Stanford •Hartford, Hertford •Bedford, Redford •Telford • Wexford • Chelmsford •Clifford • Pickford • Guildford •Linford • Mitford • Hereford •Longford • Oxford • Watford •Crawford • Salford • Rutherford •haggard, laggard •niggard • unsugared • sluggard •unmeasured • uninjured • tankard •becard • bewhiskered • unconquered •drunkard

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star·board / ˈstärˌbôrd/ • n. the side of a ship or aircraft that is on the right when one is facing forward.The opposite of port3 . • v. [tr.] turn (a ship or its helm) to starboard.

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starboard the side of a ship or aircraft that is on the right when one is facing forward, opposite to port. The word comes from Old English stēorbord ‘rudder side’, because early Teutonic sailing vessels were steered with a paddle over the right side.

See also port out, starboard home at port2.

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starboard OE. stēorbord, f. stēor guidance, steering paddle, rudder (see STEER2) + bord BOARD. The ref. is to the steering by means of a paddle worked over the right side of the vessel.

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