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re·lieve / riˈlēv/ • v. [tr.] 1. cause (pain, distress, or difficulty) to become less severe or serious: the drug was used to promote sleep and to relieve pain. ∎  (usu. be relieved) cause (someone) to stop feeling distressed or anxious about something: he was relieved by her change of tone. ∎  make less tedious or monotonous by the introduction of variety or of something striking or pleasing: the bird's body is black, relieved only by white under the tail. 2. release (someone) from duty by taking their place: another signalman relieved him at 5:30. ∎  bring military support for (a besieged place): he dispatched an expedition to relieve the city. ∎ Baseball (of a relief pitcher) take the place of (another pitcher) during a game. 3. (relieve someone of) take (a burden) from someone: he relieved her of her baggage. ∎  free someone from (a tiresome responsibility): she relieved me of the household chores. ∎  used euphemistically to indicate that someone has been deprived of something: he was relieved of his world title. 4. (relieve oneself) urinate or defecate (used euphemistically). 5. archaic make (something) stand out: the twilight relieving in purple masses the foliage of the island. DERIVATIVES: re·liev·a·ble adj. re·liev·ed·ly / riˈlēvədlē/ adv. re·liev·er n.

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relieve assist in trouble or difficulty XIV; ease, mitigate XV; (Sc.) release XVI; (after RELIEF1) release from guard or watch XVII; (after RELIEF2) bring into relief XVIII. ME. releve — (O)F. relever :- L. relevāre raise again. succour, alleviate, f. RE- + levāre raise, f. levis LIGHT2.

views updated

relieveachieve, believe, breve, cleave, conceive, deceive, eve, greave, grieve, heave, interleave, interweave, khedive, leave, misconceive, naive, Neve, peeve, perceive, reave, receive, reive, relieve, reprieve, retrieve, sheave, sleeve, steeve, Steve, Tananarive, Tel Aviv, thieve, underachieve, upheave, weave, we've, Yves •make-believe • shirtsleeve •semibreve • Congreve

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