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jibe1 / jīb/ • n. & v. variant spelling of gibe. jibe2 (Brit. gybe) Sailing • v. [intr.] change course by swinging a fore-and-aft sail across a following wind: they jibed, and the boat turned over. ∎  [tr.] swing (a sail or boom) across the wind in such a way. ∎  (of a sail or boom) swing or be swung across the wind: [as adj.] (jibing) the skipper was hit by a jibing boom. • n. an act or instance of jibing. jibe3 • v. [intr.] inf. be in accord; agree: the verdict does not jibe with the medical evidence.

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jibe see GIBE, GYBE.

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jibeascribe, bribe, gybe, imbibe, jibe, proscribe, scribe, subscribe, transcribe, tribe, vibe •diatribe • circumscribe

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