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mer·can·tile / ˈmərkənˌtēl; -ˌtīl/ • adj. of or relating to trade or commerce; commercial: the shift of wealth to the mercantile classes. ∎  of or relating to mercantilism. • n. dated a general store: we walked to the local mercantile.

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mercantile •tactile • pantile •erectile, insectile, projectile •gentile, percentile •reptile •sextile, textile •hairstyle • freestyle • fictile • epistyle •peristyle • acetyl • lifestyle • hostile •homestyle •butyl, futile, rutile, utile •ductile • fluviatile • infantile •decastyle • mercantile • cyclostyle •volatile • hypostyle • tetrastyle •hexastyle • versatile • fertile •turnstile • servile • meanwhile •erstwhile • exile

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Relating to trade or commerce; commercial; having to do with the business of buying and selling; relating to merchants.

A mercantile agency is an individual or company in the business of collecting data about the financial status, ability, and credit of individuals who are engaged in business. Once this information is compiled, it is sold by the agency to its customers, who are known as subscribers. Mercantile agencies are known as credit bureaus in current usage.

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mercantile XVII. — F. — It. mercantile, f. mercante MERCHANT; see -ILE.

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