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mer·chan·dise • n. / ˈmərchənˌdīz; -ˌdīs/ goods to be bought and sold: stores that offered an astonishing range of merchandise. ∎  products used to promote a particular movie, popular music group, etc., or linked to a particular fictional character; merchandising. • v. / ˈmərchənˌdīz/ (also mer·chan·dize) [tr.] promote the sale of (goods), esp. by their presentation in retail outlets: a new breakfast food can easily be merchandised. ∎  advertise or publicize (an idea or person): they are merchandising “niceness” to children. ∎ archaic trade or traffic in (something), esp. inappropriately. ∎  [intr.] archaic engage in the business of a merchant. DERIVATIVES: mer·chan·dis·a·ble / -ˌdīzəbəl/ adj. mer·chan·dis·er / -ˌdīzər/ n.

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merchandiseadvice, bice, Brice, choc ice, concise, dice, entice, gneiss, ice, imprecise, lice, mice, nice, precise, price, rice, sice, slice, speiss, spice, splice, suffice, syce, thrice, trice, twice, underprice, vice, Zeiss •merchandise • paradise • sacrifice •packice • woodlice • fieldmice •titmice • dormice • allspice •cockatrice • edelweiss •advise, apprise, apprize, arise, assize, capsize, chastise, comprise, demise, despise, devise, downsize, excise, flies, guise, incise, low-rise, misprize, outsize, previse, prise, prize, remise, revise, rise, size, surmise, surprise, uprise, wise •archaize • heroize • ghettoize •Judaize • bye-byes • disenfranchise •propagandize • periodize • iodize •merchandise • melodize •gourmandize • methodize •anthropomorphize • apostrophize •elegize • analogize • syllogize •anthologize, mythologize, psychologize, tautologize, theologize •hierarchize

views updated

merchandise † exchange of commodities; commodities of commerce. XIII. ME. marchaundise, mercandise — (O)F. marchandise, dial. † marcandise, f. marchand + -ise, repr. L. -ītia.
So merchant XIII. ME. marchand, -aunt — (O)F. marchand, † march(e)ant :- Rom. *mercātante, sb. use of prp. of *mercātāre, f. mercārī, mercāt-, f. merx, merc- merchandise, whence also Mercurius (see MERCURY).