Merchants of Death

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Merchants of Death ★ 1999

Fairly perverse schlock about an aspiring actress lured into an audition at a mysterious mansion. Soon enough she's bound and gagged by some raw dog dudes who toss her in a room with another woman, also tied up, who came to avenge her sister's death. With the audition still underway and the cameras set to roll, they realize they're about to become reluctant (to say the least) stars in a snuff film. A maniacal priest is thrown into the mix for some reason, too. Only the slight campy smirk saves it from complete disaster. 81m/C VHS . Christine Lydon, Jason Robert Stephens, Raquel Maldonado, Raymond Sorti; D: Jason Robert Stephens, Dennis Devine; W: Jason Robert Stephens, Dennis Devine; C: Dennis Devine; M: Jonathan Price. VIDEO