Merci Docteur Rey

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Merci Docteur Rey ★★★ 2004 (R)

Odd choice for a MerchantIvory production. Enjoyable French farce mixes questionable sexual orientation, mistaken identity, murder, and an estranged father for a rousing ride. Wiest's opera diva visits her closeted gay son, who witnesses a murder on a blind date with a chat room hook-up. Complimented by an eclectic soundtrack ranging from pop to opera. 91m/C DVD . FR Dianne Wiest, Jane Birkin, Stanislas Merhar, Bulle Ogier, Jerry Hall, Simon Callow; Cameos: Vanessa Redgrave; D: Andrew Litvack; W: Andrew Litvack; C: Laurent Machuel; M: Geoff(rey) Alexander. VIDEO