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for·feit / ˈfôrfit/ • v. (-feit·ed , -feit·ing ) [tr.] lose or be deprived of (property or a right or privilege) as a penalty for wrongdoing: those unable to meet their taxes were liable to forfeit their property. ∎  lose or give up (something) as a necessary consequence of something else: she didn't mind forfeiting an extra hour in bed to get up and clean the stables. • n. a fine or penalty for wrongdoing or for a breach of the rules in a club or game. ∎  Law an item of property or a right or privilege lost as a legal penalty. ∎  (forfeits) a game in which trivial penalties are exacted. ∎  the action of forfeiting something. • adj. lost or surrendered as a penalty for wrongdoing or neglect: the lands which he had acquired were automatically forfeit. DERIVATIVES: for·feit·a·ble adj. for·feit·er / ˈfôrfitər/ n. for·fei·ture / ˈfôrfəchər/ n.

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forfeit •adit •bandit, pandit •accredit, credit, edit, subedit •Chindit • conduit •audit, plaudit •pundit • refit • misfit • benefit •profit, prophet, soffit •forfeit • outfit • Tophet • photofit •buffet, tuffet •comfit • counterfeit • surfeit • agate •margate, target •frigate • Tlingit • hogget •drugget, nugget •Brigitte • gadget • eejit •Bridget, digit, fidget, midget, widget •budget •Blackett, bracket, jacket, packet, placket, racket •blanket • gasket • bedjacket •straitjacket • lifejacket • leatherjacket •downmarket, market, upmarket •basket, casket •breadbasket • Euromarket •Newmarket • hypermarket •Becket, Beckett •cricket, midwicket, picket, picquet, piquet, pricket, snicket, thicket, ticket, wicket •trinket •biscuit, brisket, frisket •identikit •brocket, crocket, Crockett, docket, locket, pocket, rocket, socket, sprocket •airpocket • pickpocket • skyrocket •toolkit •bucket, Nantucket, tucket •Blunkett, junket •musket • rust bucket •circuit, short-circuit

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To lose to another person or to the state some privilege, right, or property due to the commission of an error, an offense, or a crime, a breach of contract, or a neglect of duty; to subject property to confiscation; or to become liable for the payment of a penalty, as the result of a particular act. To lose a franchise, estate, or other property, as provided by the applicable law, due tonegligence, misfeasance, or omission.

This nonconsensual deprivation transfers the property to another person or restores it to the original grantor.

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forfeit †misdeed, misdemeanour XIII; fine, penalty XV; trivial fine for breach of rule XVII. ME. forfet — OF. forfet, (also mod.) -fait crime, f. for(s)faire commit crime (medL. forisfacere), f. for(s)- beyond, outside, sc. what is right (:- L. forīs outside) + faire do.
Hence vb. †sin, transgress XIV; lose the right to XV. forfeiture †crime, sin; loss or liability to deprivation. XIV.