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fraudulenceabeyance, conveyance, purveyance •creance • ambience •irradiance, radiance •expedience, obedience •audience •dalliance, mésalliance •salience •consilience, resilience •emollience • ebullience •convenience, lenience, provenience •impercipience, incipience, percipience •variance • experience •luxuriance, prurience •nescience • omniscience •insouciance • deviance •subservience • transience •alliance, appliance, compliance, defiance, misalliance, neuroscience, reliance, science •allowance •annoyance, clairvoyance, flamboyance •fluence, pursuance •perpetuance • affluence • effluence •mellifluence • confluence •congruence • issuance • continuance •disturbance •attendance, dependence, interdependence, resplendence, superintendence, tendance, transcendence •cadence •antecedence, credence, impedance •riddance • diffidence • confidence •accidence • precedence • dissidence •coincidence, incidence •evidence •improvidence, providence •residence •abidance, guidance, misguidance, subsidence •correspondence, despondence •accordance, concordance, discordance •avoidance, voidance •imprudence, jurisprudence, prudence •impudence • abundance • elegance •arrogance • extravagance •allegiance • indigence •counter-intelligence, intelligence •negligence • diligence • intransigence •exigence •divulgence, effulgence, indulgence, refulgence •convergence, divergence, emergence, insurgence, resurgence, submergence •significance •balance, counterbalance, imbalance, outbalance, valance •parlance • repellence • semblance •bivalence, covalence, surveillance, valence •sibilance • jubilance • vigilance •pestilence • silence • condolence •virulence • ambulance • crapulence •flatulence • feculence • petulance •opulence • fraudulence • corpulence •succulence, truculence •turbulence • violence • redolence •indolence • somnolence • excellence •insolence • nonchalance •benevolence, malevolence •ambivalence, equivalence •Clemence • vehemence •conformance, outperformance, performance •adamance • penance • ordinance •eminence • imminence •dominance, prominence •abstinence • maintenance •continence • countenance •sustenance •appurtenance, impertinence, pertinence •provenance • ordnance • repugnance •ordonnance • immanence •impermanence, permanence •assonance • dissonance • consonance •governance • resonance • threepence •halfpence • sixpence •comeuppance, tuppence, twopence •clarence, transparence •aberrance, deterrence, inherence, Terence •remembrance • entrance •Behrens, forbearance •fragrance • hindrance • recalcitrance •abhorrence, Florence, Lawrence, Lorentz •monstrance •concurrence, co-occurrence, occurrence, recurrence •encumbrance •adherence, appearance, clearance, coherence, interference, perseverance •assurance, durance, endurance, insurance •exuberance, protuberance •preponderance • transference •deference, preference, reference •difference • inference • conference •sufferance • circumference •belligerence • tolerance • ignorance •temperance • utterance • furtherance •irreverence, reverence, severance •deliverance • renascence • absence •acquiescence, adolescence, arborescence, coalescence, convalescence, deliquescence, effervescence, essence, evanescence, excrescence, florescence, fluorescence, incandescence, iridescence, juvenescence, luminescence, obsolescence, opalescence, phosphorescence, pubescence, putrescence, quiescence, quintessence, tumescence •obeisance, Renaissance •puissance •impuissance, reminiscence •beneficence, maleficence •magnificence, munificence •reconnaissance • concupiscence •reticence •licence, license •nonsense •nuisance, translucence •innocence • conversance • sentience •impatience, patience •conscience •repentance, sentence •acceptance • acquaintance •acquittance, admittance, intermittence, pittance, quittance, remittance •assistance, coexistence, consistence, distance, existence, insistence, outdistance, persistence, resistance, subsistence •instance • exorbitance •concomitance •impenitence, penitence •appetence •competence, omnicompetence •inheritance • capacitance • hesitance •Constance • importance • potence •conductance, inductance, reluctance •substance • circumstance •omnipotence • impotence •inadvertence • grievance •irrelevance, relevance •connivance, contrivance •observance • sequence • consequence •subsequence • eloquence •grandiloquence, magniloquence •brilliance • poignance •omnipresence, pleasance, presence •complaisance • malfeasance •incognizance, recognizance •usance • recusance

views updated

281. Fraudulence (See also Forgery, Hoax.)

  1. Cagliostro lecherous peasant posing as count. [Ital. Hist.: Espy, 335]
  2. Confidence Man, the an imposter who gulls passengers on a Mississippi steamboat. [Am. Lit.: Melville The Confidence Man in Magill III, 221]
  3. Duke and the King, the a pair of charlatans exposed by Huckleberry Finn. [Am. Lit.: Mark Twain Huckleberry Finn ]
  4. Gantry, Elmer personifies hypocrisy and corruption in Americas religious practices. [Am. Lit.: Elmer Gantry ]
  5. Inspector General, The pretending to be a government inspector, Khlestakov takes bribes and woos the mayors wife and daughter. [Russ. Lit.: The Inspector General ]
  6. Krull, Felix lives a double life, passing himself off under various identities. [Ger. Lit.: Mann The Confessions of Felix Krull in Magill III, 218]
  7. Medium, The Menotti opera about a fraudulent medium haunted by her own hoax. [Am. Opera: Benét, 653]
  8. Mississippi Bubble, the land speculation scam; ultimately back-fired on creators. [Am. Hist.: Jameson, 326]
  9. Pathelin, Master small-town lawyer cheats his draper, who cheats a shepherd, who hires Pathelin and then cheats him out of his fee. [Fr. Drama: Haydn & Fuller, 466]
  10. Peters, Jeff made a career out of schemes for bamboozling the public. [Am. Lit.: O. Henry The Gentle Grafter]
  11. Sabbatai Zevi false messiah, head of Kabbalic movement in mid-1600s. [Jew. Hist.: Wigoder, 544]
  12. Schicchi, Gianni effects a fraudulent will on the pretence that he is the testator. [Ital. Hist. and Opera: Gianni Schicchi in Colliers ]
  13. Sludge, Mr. medium pretends to greater powers and deceives many people. [Br. Lit.: Browning Dramatis Personae in Magill IV, 250]
  14. Tchitchikov attempts to make a fortune by buying up land-lords titles to dead serfs in order to mortgage them for capital. [Russ. Lit.: Gogol Dead Souls ]
  15. Tichborne case false claimant to the Tichborne baronetcy sentenced to fourteen years imprisonment. [Br. Hist.: Brewer Dictionary, 898]
  16. wooden nickel cheap counterfeits circulating in 1850s America. [Am. Hist.: Brewer Dictionary, 1164]
  17. wooden nutmeg sold by dishonest Connecticut peddlers as real thing. [Am. Hist.: Brewer Dictionary, 1164]