Montana State University

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Bozeman, Montana
Extended University/Burns Technology Center

Montana State University was founded in 1893. It is accredited by Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities. It first offered distance learning courses in 1992. In fall 2005, there were 1,000 students enrolled in distance learning courses. Institutionally administered financial aid is available to distance learners.
Services Distance learners have accessibility to academic advising, bookstore, campus computer network, e-mail services, library services.
Contact Kelly Boyce, Program Manager, Montana State University, EPS 128, Bozeman, MT 59717. Telephone: 406-994-6812. Fax: 406-994-7856. E-mail: [email protected]


Certification Library Media Certification
MN Nursing
MS Family and Financial Planning; Mathematics; Science Education


Graduate —astronomy and astrophysics; biological and physical sciences; biology; education (specific subject areas); foods, nutrition, and related services; health and physical education/fitness; library science related; mathematics; mathematics and statistics related; microbiological sciences and immunology; physics; soil sciences; statistics.

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University of Montana, at Missoula; state supported; coeducational; chartered 1893 as the Univ. of Montana. In 1913 when the Montana Univ. System was established, the school's name was changed to State Univ. of Montana, and in 1935 the name Montana State Univ. was adopted. The name was changed back to its original form in 1965. The school has a noted forestry program; research facilities include the Lubrecht Experimental Forest, the Environmental Studies Laboratory, and the Flathead Lake Biological Station. The university system also includes the Montana College of Mineral Science and Technology at Butte and Montana State Univ. at Bozeman.

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Montana State University, at Bozeman; land-grant; coeducational; chartered 1893. It is primarily a technical institution specializing in agriculture, engineering, and applied sciences. The Museum of the Rockies is there.