Scriven, Michael John (1928-)

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Scriven, Michael John (1928-)

Professor of the logic of science who has written widely on parapsychology. He was born on March 28, 1928, at Beaulieu, Hampshire, England. He studied at University of Melbourne, Australia (B.A., 1948; M.A., 1950) and returned to Oxford for his doctorate in 1956. Following his graduation he taught at Swarthmore College (1956-60) and Indiana University (1960-66) prior to joining the philosophy department at the University of California in 1966.

While in Australia, Sciven founded and served as secretary of the Melbourne University Society for Psychical Research and then presided over the Oxford University Society for Psychical Research. Scriven's interests included, research in psychokinesis and spontaneous phenomena and the theoretical and philosophical implications of parapsychology. He has contributed a variety of articles on the philosophical implications of psychical research.


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