Schepis, Giovanni (1894-1963)

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Schepis, Giovanni (1894-1963)

Italian official who experimented in the field of parapsychology. He was born on June 3, 1894, at Catania, Italy, and studied at the University of Rome. He was a lecturer in statistics at the University of Rome for many years (1936-63). In 1963 he became the director of the mechanographic center of Italy's Department of Elections, of the Ministry of the Interior. In 1937 he co-founded and became the first general secretary of the Società Italiana de Metapsichica. He went on to become its president (1959-63). Schepis conducted mass experiments in telepathy using radio and television. He also studied the personality of sensitives, but made his major contribution with his work on the statistical approach to parapsychological experiments. He published a number of papers in various Italian journals. He died December 1, 1963.


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Schepis, Giovanni (1894-1963)

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