Scherlag, Mark

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SCHERLAG, MARK (1878–1962), Austrian Zionist poet. Born in Chorostkow, Galicia, Scherlag studied law at the University of Vienna and supported himself as a bank clerk there. He joined the Zionist movement with the appearance of Theodor Herzl and developed personal ties with him. He contributed to the Zionist and general press and periodicals in German and Polish. Scherlag published lyric poems on Jewish subjects. He settled in Haifa in 1939, and, in the last years of his life, he recorded his memoirs of the early years of the Zionist movement.

His works include the following collections of poetry in German: Einsamkeit (1899), Heimaterde. Judenlieder (1922), In der Fremde. Neue Judenlieder (1919), and a selection of his poetry from 1900 to 1939 Aus dem Leben (n.d.).


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