Schendel, Mira (1919–1988)

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Schendel, Mira (1919–1988)

Mira Schendel (b. 1919; d. 1988), graphic artist, painter, and sculptor. Swiss-born Schendel lived in Italy until age thirty, when she emigrated to Brazil. Abstract art with minimalist overtone dominated her repertory until the 1960s, when her work took on constructivist influences, with a monumentality of void characterizing her graphic works. In one piece, simply titled Drawing, for example, linguistic and mathematical signs and scratches are drawn on inked glass and are then transferred onto delicate Japanese paper. The visual result recalls Chinese painting. In 1964 Schendel represented Brazil in the Second Biennial of American Art of Córdoba, Argentina, She had solo exhibitions at the Museum of Modern Art in São Paulo in 1964, at a London gallery in 1965, and in 1971 at the Brazilian-American Cultural Institute in Washington, D.C. In 1975 she was one of twelve artists selected to participate in a nationally sponsored traveling exhibition and discussion series.

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Schendel, Mira (1919–1988)

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