Rofé, (Fevzi) Husein (1922-)

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Rofé, (Fevzi) Husein (1922-)

Author, teacher, orientalist, and advocate of Subud, an Indonesian mystical movement closely associated with the work of George I. Gurdjieff. He was born May 3, 1922, in Manchester, England and studied at the University of London. He traveled widely as a lecturer and teacher, particularly in Eastern countries, and became a fellow of the Royal Asiatic Society, London.

During World War II Rofé served in the Royal Air Force (1940-45) and afterward became a teacher at the London School of Languages (1945-46). He moved to Morrocco in 1947 as an interpreter for the British Consulate (1947-49) and was successively a teacher in government secondary schools, Djokjakarta, Indonesia (1950-54); a Turkish lycée, Nicosia, Cyprus (1955-56); a language tutor, University of Hong Kong (1959-65); and head of the translation service for the Asian Development Bank, Manila, Philippines, through the 1970s.

He took special interest in spiritual healing and during his stay in Indonesia associated with the Subud movement, on which he published two books: Path of Subud (1959) and Reflections on Subud (1961). He also authored several other books out of his Asian wanderings and frequently contributed articles on psychical research and related topics to popular journals around the world.


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