Roes, Nicholas A. 1952–

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Roes, Nicholas A. 1952–

PERSONAL: Born December 26, 1952, in Jersey City, NJ; son of Nicholas R. (in advertising) and Mimi (a homemaker; maiden name, Maresca) Roes; married Nancy Bennett (a controller), November 26, 1977. Education: University of Bridgeport, B.S., 1974, M.A., 1983; Westbrook University, Ph.D., 1997.

ADDRESSES: Home—Barryville, NY. Office—Nicholas A. Roes Associates, P.O. Box 205, Saddle River, NJ 07458. Agent—The Haworth Press Inc., 10 Alice St., Binghamton, NY 13904.

CAREER: Freelance writer, 1974–. Director of investment counseling firm of Nicholas A. Roes Associates, 1977–; director of investor relations for Gambling Times, 1984–; New Hope Manor, Barryville, NY, teacher, 1988–90, director of development, 1990–92, executive director, 1992–.

MEMBER: International Association of Financial Planners, Edpress, Mensa.


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(With Monique E. Dubacher) Pick-Your-Own Farms: A Comprehensive Guide to Over 3,000 Farms Where You Can "Pick-Your-Own" Fruits and Vegetables, NAR Publications (Barryville, NY), 1990.

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Author of "Investment Column," syndicated by NAR Publications, "Wall Street Casino," a column in Gambling Times, and "Road to Recovery" column in Addiction Professional. Contributor to magazines, including Arizona. Editor of Teacher Update and Investment Column Quarterly.

SIDELIGHTS: Nicholas A. Roes once told CA: "Most of my work consists of practical information in everyday language for everyday people. I enjoy using contrary hooks (i.e., college doesn't have to cost a lot, television viewing can be beneficial to children, you are your own best investment adviser), and I learn more from writing for others than I ever would from just reading.

"Writing has led to other successful business, but the writing was always most important. Because of many reader requests, I've taken a stab at investment counseling. But I greatly prefer doing a simple column that is helpful to many to constructing a complex investment plan for just one person.

"My 'Wall Street Casino' column offers advice on ways 'players' can manage their investments. I cover the rules of the investment game and how to come out a winner … It's curious that people will clip coupons and compare prices when buying a bar of soap—but they don't really comparison shop for an important investment like college. When it comes to an education, expensive is not necessarily better."

Roes supports his claim that college does not have to break the bank in his title America's Lowest Cost Colleges. The guidebook, arranged according to state, helps prospective students find schools across the country with the lowest tuition. Many of these schools are community colleges, but some private institutions have surprisingly low price tags as well. In an article for the Boston Globe, correspondent Bob Weinstein quoted Roes as saying: "Students shouldn't have to mortgage their future to get an education." Weinstein felt that the book provided "good news" for students searching for an inexpensive college education because, according to Weinstein, it reveals that college is "not nearly as expensive as generally perceived."



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